freakylicious @parallelvienna art fair Sept. 2022

The Art Collection Schlichtner presents at Parallel Vienna 2022 the artistic practice of various artists who deal with opportunities and difficulties, stereotypes and prejudices regarding binary and non-binary gender roles.

Due to the insistence of many societies and regimes on a binary gender order and repeated heteronormative practices, art offers the possibility to question the colonial techno-pharmaceutical patriarchy in the sense of Paul B. Preciadio.

In order to enable love, relations, to eventually achieve equality, self-discovery and socialization, and to fight for human rights, this dispositive is taken from the private to the public creating a heterotopia.

Text by Andreas Schlichtner and Margareta Klose, 2022

Annette Tesarek “BATS”

and 12 other wonderful artists @FREAKYLICIOUS
Art Collection Schlichtner Room A 304 Parallel Vienna 6. – 11.09.2022

© Annette Tesarek
(painting: Anna Pelz, worm installation: Lia Quiriana)

BATS 2022
Color prints – Photo installation
Number and size variable

The work BATS is a performative photo installation. Part of the ceiling of the room is temporarily occupied by a photo installation variable in shape and size. The photographs, self-portraits of the artist, are reminiscent of bats staring down from the ceiling in a group. They confront the viewer with an unusual perspective in the exhibition context: stereotypes and gender roles become blurred, the collective becomes part of an absurd vision. While the performative act becomes a means to an end, does the human being mutate into an animal or vice versa?

The field of meaning of the body, with all its biological and social implications, is immeasurable. For Maurice Merleau-Ponty, the body is the mediating instance between body and mind, as well as the medium for experiencing the world. The bats challenge the viewers to change their perspective and thus open up an unusual field of perception and tension that oscillates between individual and group, intimacy and distance, fascination and disgust, attack or defense.
Annette Tesarek, 2022

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